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Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe b. 1986 in Lincoln, Vermont, currently lives and works in Miami, Florida. She received a BFA from Hampshire College in 2008 and completed an internship at Wingate Studios in Hinsdale, New Hampshire from 2008-2009 in Intaglio print production. Her practice as a multidisciplinary artist includes painting, intaglio printmaking, and the book arts. Her work is in many private collections. Furchgott Sourdiffe is a licensed and practicing tattooer since 2011, she has traveled across the country building a reputation as a sought-after fine artist in that medium. The healing power and sculptural elements of tattooing have had a direct influence on her fine art practice which heavily centers around gender, sexuality, and identity. She grew up in a rural part of Vermont, encompassed by national forest land, where she was shaped by the flora and fauna of her surroundings.

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